4 Ton Heat Pumps

By | May 10, 2015

If you have a house that’s roughly 1600 square foot big, then your best size heat pump (that will efficiently cool down and heat up your home at optimal levels) is probably a 4 ton heat pump. It’s wise to remember through that only a manual J calculation, conducted by a qualified and experienced HVAC contractor will give you real and accurate estimates of the size pump that your home needs to reach maximum comfort levels.

When we think about the best 4 ton heat pumps, we automatically lean towards Rheem. If you think Rheem is a newcomer to the game of producing heat pumps, you might be slightly on cue, but they have been an established producer since the 1920’s and have been striving to bring you quality and innovative products since the start.images

Rheem has three tiers of Heat Pumps on offer to the residential consumer. The Prestige Series, the Classic Series and the value Series. The Value Series really isn’t your go-to option for 4 ton heat pumps; they are rather aimed at the smaller size homes and cater for the budget wise consumer.  All of the models in the Prestige and Classic lines come available in sizes 2 -5 tons.

The Rheem Prestige Series

The Prestige Series comprises of two major role players, the RPRL and the RPQL.

The main differences between the two is that the RPRL uses a two-stage compressor motor (which allows for better communicative functions and efficiency) where the RPQL uses only an ordinary single and dual stage compressor motor. Other than that, the RPRL does not have the demand defrost feature that tAC_and_Heat_Pump_Condensing_Unitshe RPQL has, so it’s a little give and take here and there. The RPQL is better for consumers who live in snow prone areas.

What’s great about both of these heat pumps though is the fact that they have sealed switches and automotive-like fuses. The benefit from having a sealed switch is that it’s used to replace common contactors in the system, which in turn makes the pumps a lot more durable and long lasting. The automotive-like fuses means that you no longer have to replace a whole circuit board due to a blown fuse, you simply have to get the single fuse replace.

The other thing we absolutely love about Rheem heat pumps is the fact that they cover ALL their models with a full unit replacement warranty (but you HAVE to register your product with them in order to qualify for this).

The only possible down side to these two top tier models from Rheem is that THEY ARE LOUD…coming in at 70 decibels.

The Rheem Classic Series

This is the mid-level heat pumps that are on offer from Rheem. They are humble and get the job done just like you would expect them to. They work and they are built durable. They are a lot lessRP13-RP14-RP15_Classic_Heat_Pump_Web_Image expensive than the Prestige Series models and suit the middle class consumers with bigger houses to heat up.

The good thing about the classic series models is that their physical sizes range in heights from 19inch through 33-inches, making them some of the smallest heat pumps in the lower range models out there.

All their models also come with a certified 1000 hour salt spray test, which means they are perfect for coastal home owners or those living near salt water lakes. They come in with a SEER of 14.5 and an HSPF of 9.5 which leaves you a little wanting when it comes to the energy efficiency factor.