5 Ton Heat Pumps

By | May 18, 2015

5 tons is the maximum capacity that you get when it comes to residential Heat Pump systems. They cater for the larger homes raging in square feet of 2000 and upward. Any more than that and you might have to consider some industrial heat pump system rather than residential.

That being said, the manufacturer that in our view produces the best 5 ton heat pumps, has to be Lennox. Their machines are amongst the most efficient in heating up and cooling down residential buildings and they just so happen to be among the quietest heat pumps out there. Lennox Heat Pump Reviews

One of their models was rated as the Most Efficient for 2013 in the Energy Star rating, and has one of the soundest pressure levels, meaning it only produces 63 decibels of compressor running noise.

Aside from their impressive array of heat pump systems, Lennox also brings to the table additional helpful modules as add-ons to the heat pumps that complement the systems. They might add a little more to the price department, but they really up the amount of features that your heat pump will put out.

All their models come available in 5 ton sizes, and the ones that we recommend include:

The Lennox XP2144383

The compressor of the XP21 is powered by a two-stage motor, which makes it super energy efficient. It has a SEER of 19.2 and HSPF of 9.7. The XP21 is Lennox’s top tier heat pump and is compatible with two different add-ons namely the SunSource solar module which allows your heat pump to generate energy using solar power, and secondly you can add the Humiditrol system which helps sort out humidity problems, although it might dampen efficiency a little.

The Lennox XP14

This is a mid-tier model from Lennox and caters for the middle class consumers. It 49033_smallunfortunately can’t be coupled with the SunSource solar module and also doesn’t come equipped with the Silent Comfort technology, which results in a louder noise while operating. The other down side to this model is the fact that it only comes with a 5 year limited warranty. It can however still be coupled with the Humiditrol
add-on which will help eliminate any humidity problems. The other positive note about this model is the fact that it is duel-duel compatible, which means it can be coupled with an alternative fuel source.

The Lennox 14HPX131530

This is the low end heat pump from Lennox that unlike many other low end manufacturers’ comparable models, still qualifies for an Energy Star Rating. It doesn’t have the Silent Comfort technology however, nor is it compatible with the SunSource solar module. It does however come with corrosion resistant construction and can be coupled up with the Lennox Humiditrol system. It has a SEER of 14 and HSPF of 7.7, and it might be a little heavy on the ears as it runs at 76 decibels while operating. The sad thing about this low end model is that it comes with absolutely no compressor warranty, but you can still opt to buy an extended warranty plan.